ANDCOM PPMfor business projects

ANDCOM PPM for business projects

Constant development of enterprises and changing expectations of customers make it necessary to undertake activities improving service quality and optimize business processes.
At the same time, a constant search for rationalization of costs and economically effective initiatives can raise the value of enterprises. Various types of projects implemented by the companies aimed at improving their performance should be managed in a proper way in order to be effective.

Companies increasingly apply the „project” approach for managing initiatives in the organization. The project approach consists in establishing independent organizational structures for the purpose of implementation of particular undertakings called “the projects”. The projects have their own defined budget, schedule and scope and are implemented in order to achieve specific results (often called project products). Typical examples of business projects are:

  • establishing a new branch of the company,

  • launching a new sales channel,

  • optimization of any business process implemented in the company.

The project approach has an impact mainly on increasing the efficiency of operational activities and contributes to greater control of the costs of undertakings.

At present, due to a wide use of the project approach, systems of the PPM (Project Portfolio Management) class become increasingly popular. Enterprises seek for software which will provide consistent, uniform and, above all, reliable information concerning all initiatives implemented within the organization.
ANDCOM PPM platform is a Polish platform supporting the business project portfolio management implemented within the organization. The use of the ANDCOM PPM platform will have a significant impact on:

  1. Increasing the relevance of launching economically reasonable initiatives.

  2. Improving efficiency of project portfolio management.

  3. Increasing efficiency of project planning.

  4. Possibility of monitoring the progress of project works.

  5. Optimization of the workload of people involved in the project works.

  6. Greater control of costs of the project implementation.

  7. Improvement of the risk management efficiency.

  8. Increasing efficiency of the project issues management.

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