ANDCOM PPMfor public administration

ANDCOM PPM for public administration

All public administration intuitions which are beneficiaries of the EU programs are obliged to effectively plan and subsequently coordinate the works related to specific initiatives called the „EU projects”.

And here the IT systems providing consistent, uniform and above all reliable information concerning all implemented “EU projects” are of great help.

Another class of IT systems dedicated to control project initiatives are the PPM (Project Portfolio Management) systems. Systems supporting the management of project portfolio may be used in for simultaneous implementation of many projects but also when implementing just one project. System of this class improve the efficiency of the project management that is planning, assignment of project tasks and controlling them, managing budget, schedule, risk or the occurring project issues.

The ANDCOM PPM platform is a response to these business needs.

The use of the ANDCOM PPM platform for the implementation of projects in the public administration institutions which are beneficiaries of the EU programs will have a significant impact on:

  1. Increasing the efficiency of project planning.
  2. Improving the efficiency of monitoring the progress of project works.
  3. Improving the process of managing suppliers.
  4. Greater control of project implementation costs.
  5. The improvement of the risk management efficiency.
  6. Increasing the efficiency of project issues management.

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