ANDCOM PPMfor the construction industry

The construction industry is one of these in which the awareness of the project approach in the process of controlling an investment is very high. Each construction investment has its defined budged and scope as well as set time frames within which the investment should be completed, therefore it is called a “project”. Typical examples of construction projects are the following:

  • construction of a block of flats, house or a single-family housing estate
  • modernization of a road surface,
  • construction of a flyover or bridge

Constructioninvestment management requires not only coordination of activities of your own wide team but also in great measure the works of subcontractors. Therefore, appropriate planning and then constant monitoring of the progress of your own works as well as the works of contractors influence the mitigation of the entire investment risk and is the key to a timely completion of the investment.

Application of IT solutions significantly increases the efficiency of planning and managing construction investment processes.

Systems of the PPM (Project Portfolio Management) class can contribute to this area by providing consistent, uniform and, above all, reliable information about the status of all implemented projects.
The ANDCOM PPM platform is a Polish response to these business needs.
The use of ANDCOM PPM platform in the implementation of construction projects will have a significant impact on:

  1. Increasing the efficiency of project planning.
  2. Improving the efficiency of monitoring the progress of project works.
  3. Improving the process of managing suppliers.
  4. Greater control of project implementation costs.
  5. The improvement of the risk management efficiency.
  6. Increasing the efficiency of project issues management.

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