ANDCOM PPMfor the production industry

ANDCOM PPM for the production industry

Facing growing customers’ expectations related to quality and shorter deadlines for production, companies must constantly invest in modernization of production lines as well as research and development in order to offer new products/services or to improve the existing ones.
At the same time, companies have a very careful approach to investment efficiency and, above all, they search for costs savings.

To optimize the work related to investments as well as research and development, production enterprises use the project approach which recently has proven to be very popular.
The project approach consists in establishing independent organizational structures for the purpose of implementation of particular undertakings called “the projects”. The projects have their own defined budget, schedule and scope and are implemented in order to achieve specific results (often called project products).

  • construction of a new production installation,
  • modernization of an already existing installation,
  • development of a new technology.

Application of the project approach has an impact mainly on the optimization of operational activities and greater control of project costs.

On the other hand, production companies have already noticed the great advantage of using innovative IT techniques in the implementation of business activities. The systems most commonly used in the production industry are the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems supporting the management of all company’s assets, the MES (Manufacturing Execution System) systems enabling collection of real-time information straight from the production stations or the MRP (Material Requirements Planning) systems enabling planning material needs on the basis of data concerning the product structure, information on the stocks, the status of pending orders and production plan.
At present, due to a wide use of the project approach in the production industry, the systems of the PPM (Project Portfolio Management) class are increasingly popular. Enterprises seek for software which will provide consistent, uniform and, above all, reliable information concerning all investment, research and development activities carried out in the company.
The ANDCOM PPM platform is a Polish response to these business needs.
The use of the ANDCOM PPM platform in the implementation of investment as well as research and development projects will have a significant impact on:

  1. Increasing the efficiency of project planning.
  2. Improving the efficiency of monitoring the progress of project works.
  3. Improving the process of managing suppliers.
  4. Greater control of project implementation costs.
  5. The improvement of the risk management efficiency.
  6. Increasing the efficiency of project issues management.

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