ANDCOM PPMDiscover key advantages of the system

Higher efficiency of project portfolio management

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In the stage of dynamic development, organizations implement over a dozen, several dozen or even hundreds of projects at the same time. This, in turn, translates into a multitude of project tasks being implemented and causes great difficulties with obtaining fast and reliable information on the progress of project works and their real costs. At moments of apparent peace and quiet, one thought strikes us – Do I have any control over it? Do I remember about everything!

With ANDCOM PPM we guarantee one source of reliable and consistent information on the project portfolio.

Our platform offers you:

  • the possibility to identify and track high risk projects,
  • the possibility to analyze project costs in terms of plan vs. actual,
  • the possibility to verify project schedules in terms of plan vs. actual,
  • real information on the progress of project portfolio implementation
  • real information on the global involvement of human and other resources in different projects,
  • a transparent project dashboard,
  • flexible workflow of project approval,
  • the possibility of grouping projects into programs,
  • prioritization of projects and programs within the portfolio,
  • the possibility to define indicators for the analysis of economic effectiveness of projects (NPV, RR, IRR, MIRR, PP, PI).


Higher efficiency of planning and monitoring project implementation

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Top management of today’s organizations require from us fast and sound planning as well as immediate feedback – what? at what stage? who? and when? On the other hand we want to monitor the effectiveness of particular members of project groups or our team. We would like to have arguments and hard data when talking to our superiors and employees.

This is what you can have with ANDCOM PPM! With us you will be able to, among others:

  •  create project schedules and show them on Gantt charts,
  • mark out a critical path for project tasks,
  • carry out „what – if” analyses concerning the project plan,
  • define the base version of the project plan,
  • define project templates which significantly facilitate planning of similar initiatives,
  • import schedules created in MS Project,
  • monitor the history of the progress of project tasks implementation,
  • define the register of project contacts,
  • define the register of products,
  • create a RACI chart for project products,
  • define the repository of project documents,
  • define templates of project catalogues,
  • send email notifications to members of project teams.


Greater control over project implementation costs

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A thorough control of project costs is the key to performance improvement of the entire organization. Regardless of the budget period – be it a month, a quarter or a year, we report on budget execution or we estimate the budget for subsequent years. Every month, quarter or year, alone or together with the team, we verify and sum up the costs of investments or implemented projects. How much time have you wasted in this way? – How many months, quarters or years have we already counted? Or maybe you should devote this time to somebody who counts on you? We know how important it is and therefore we have developed for you a tool for up-to-date control of project implementation costs at various levels of detail.

ANDCOM PPM enables among others:

  • to register cost documents and link them to project tasks,
  • to automatically calculate the project budget on the basis of project tasks budgets,
  • to automatically calculate costs of tasks and projects on the basis of allocation of project resources,
  • to allocate budget reserves at the project and task levels,
  • to analyze project costs in terms of plan vs. actual,
  • to use the workflow of the cost documentation approval,
  • to integrate with financial and accounting systems for example ERP.


Higher efficiency of working time management

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We often say that it is of no importance how much time our employees spend on projects and where they carry them out. All that matters is the result and the deadline. On the other hand, we frequently hear from our employees that they are overburdened and they ask to prioritize the tasks that are assigned to them. The effective work time management of project teams is the key to a timely implementation of initiatives and high comfort at work. It is particularly important in situations of a huge project workload. We realize how important this is therefore with ANDCOM PPM we offer you system tools enabling managers to obtain precise information on the tasks being implemented by their employees. The employees, in turn, will gain reliable information on the future tasks.

With ANDCOM PPM – you will gain among others:

  • the possibility of delegation of tasks to members of project teams,
  • functional and ergonomic timesheets of project team members,
  • “work contracting” that is a precise allocation of working hours in respect to project tasks carried out each week,
  • workflow of the working time approval,
  • personal calendars of system users,
  • a transparent workbench for project team members.


Improvement of the risk management effectiveness


Risk management should remain an integral part of projects. Not only of those that involve a high probability of failure but of all projects. Conscious managers should require risk identification during the entire project implementation cycle. Thus, certain questions arise here: Is such an analysis actually carried out in your organization? How detailed it is? Regular risk analysis during the project implementation protects both the projects and our organization from incurring unexpected, and usually very high additional costs. On the other hand, identification of potential opportunities and their enhancement translates into savings. We are fully aware of the importance of this process therefore we would like to provide you with a systemic support in this area.

Thanks to the ANDCOM PPM platform you will gain the possibility of:

  • defining risks and opportunities,
  • defining the probability and impact of risks and opportunities and their presentation in the probability and impact matrix,
  • categorization of risk and opportunities,
  • determination of cost and cost exposure for the risk and opportunities,
  • defining the strategy of risk and opportunity management,
  • determination of the risk / opportunity mitigation / enhancement plan,
  • defining the fallback plan for the risk.


Improving the efficiency of project issue and experience management


The effective project management does not only involve the development of schedules and estimation of costs. During the project implementation, various issues may occur influencing the budget, schedule as well as the quality of works that has been determined earlier. We call them project issues. Their effective identification and proper assignment facilitate the implementation of the project according to the plan. This process also leads to improvement of communication efficiency within the project. Does your organization manage the issues? Do you need better communication in projects?

On the other hand, recording project experiences (“lessons learned”) during implementation enables an easier transfer of knowledge in the future. We are aware of the great importance of the knowledge sharing and we know that this element is often neglected in everyday work. Does your organization manage the knowledge and “lessons learned” gained during project implementation? We are asking because we know how crucial these elements are.

Using the ANDCOM PPM platform you will gain the following functionalities in this area:

  • identification and defining of project issues and experiences,
  • prioritization and categorization of issues and experiences,
  • assignment of arising project issues to the members of the project team,
  • possibility of tracking progress in addressing project issues,
  • possibility of team work on the issues,
  • having a systemic discussion on the issues,
  • defining a planned time of the issue solving,
  • verification of the consistency of times of the issue solving,
  • possibility of developing a project experiences repository.