Is it safe to use the ANDCOM PPM platform?

ANDCOM sp. z o.o. cares for the safety of its customers’ data ensuring the highest standards. In order to maintain maximum safety the following mechanisms have been implemented in the system:

1. Access to the system with the use of GeoTrust SSL protocol with 256-bit encryption.
The use of such a strong encryption key guarantees the security of business data.

2. Availability of the platform in the SaaS model at the level of 99,9%.
The platform is kept on the servers in Poland. The hosting service provider is an approved and reliable provider who guarantees the availability of its products at the level of 99,9%.

3. Daily data back-ups –It enables to recover accidently deleted data.

4. Separate data model for each customer – Each customer has his/her own physical data base therefore the data model is physically separated and there is no possibility to access data of other customers by mistake. This is the only solution that guarantees the highest level of security of users’ data.

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What are the sale models of the ANDCOM PPM platform?

The ANDCOM PPM platform is sold in two independent models:
SaaS – (Software as a Service) – this model provides access to the ANDCOM PPM system. The system is kept on servers which ANDCOM is responsible for. If you decide to purchase the system in this model, you will gain a guarantee of reliability and speed of the system.
Hosting – in this model the system is installed on the server owned by a customer. Companies that choose this model wish to keep data bases locally in their own networks.

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